Xing Yi Quan

10am - 12pm
White Cloud Park,
Highland rd
(opposite the cemetery)

£10 per session (pay as you go)

Private tuition on request!!

Internal Practices of Kung Fu and Xing Yi Quan.

- Five Ancestral Elements.
- Sand Bags and Pad Work Boxing.
-Fitness and Conditioning.
-Internal Martial Practices.

These lessons are for people looking for a deep understanding in the field of Internal Martial arts

Heart-mind boxing. An exciting, energetic, combat-ready martial art combining compact, well guarded movement with explosive short range attacks.

Stance and form training provides a classical grounding and develops stability, linear stepping drills develop focus, power and speed, paired exercises train accuracy, reflexes and application of techniques, while light sparring will develop your understanding, creativity and spontaneity.

Our Xing Yi training also covers "Gun" long pole - staff martial weapons training.