Tai Chi Chaun

Classes start at £5 per session

The Hub Community Centre

10am - 11am
Bransbury park, Eastney Community Center

Taijiquan, known to many as Tai Chi Ch'uan, is an internal martial art that is designed to literally embody ancient Taoist principles such as the theory of Yin and Yang. Qi gong is a method to enhance life through physical and mental work (breath combined with exercises). The wonders of this art are huge. In our Wudang Pai system we refer to the 5 animals as Wu Xing Nei Gong.


Classes for beginners.

First class free then £30 per month 
Payable on first class
These classes will focus on Elements and Principles of Yang Ban Hou Tai Chi.

The first 6 weeks, students will learn the 4 Corners or Foundation Pillars of Tai Chi.

The next 6 weeks, the students will discover the Liu He 6 Harmonies of the body.

The final 6 weeks , students will train the Jin Dian Points of concentration in the body. Students will discover and learn a huge amount of skills that will be essential for those ones that are looking for authentic techniques and methods of learning Tai Chi.

These classes will start with a minimum of 10 students. Please email us for you pre enrollment and to book your place.


Email us at [email protected]

or call us on 0790 ­ 541 7517 .


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