Mindfulness and Meditation

Our regular meditation classes in Portsmouth and Southsea target anyone interested in Self-development Mindfulness and Meditation. The learners will develop and improve their wellbeing and mental health as a whole. A gentle approach to these skills of self-realisation and self-improvement will be delivered on a regular basis throughout the week.

These sessions will be taught in a calm environment that will suit the need of the learners.

Methods of learning:

  1. Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation. A deep process to understand the use, value, techniques, the environment and adaptation throughout techniques such as Taoist Alchemy, Ancient methods of Meditation, Breath Work, Movement in Meditation etc.
  2. Breathing and understanding the human anatomy and its body centres, energies and meridians. Understanding the mind, coping mechanisms and personalities.
  3. Developing awareness and mind identification and positive habits. These techniques will explore Eastern philosophy combined with Western Psychology.
  4. Methodology: Understanding, Practical approach to: 'Lock the Monkey Mind', 'Bridge Meditation' and Consciousness etc.
  5. Practicing Mindfulness at the work environment, school and at home etc.

Here we will explore and test the ability of the practitioner to practice and reach out.

Practical and theoretical informal homework will be required to achieve these methods.

For more information, you can contact us via our contact page.

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Note: For all students, the sessions will be tailored to specific needs and levels of experience. The aim of the meditation will include an important self-development characteristic. There will be group and also one to one activities, working towards self-development, awareness and resilience which are especially useful in the work environment.