Classes for beginners.

Free Introduction class
Wednesday 4th July 

St Judes Primary School, Portsmouth.
7pm - 8pm

First class free then £30 per month 
Payable on first class
These classes will focus on Elements and Principles of Yang Ban Hou Tai Chi.

The first 6 weeks, students will learn the 4 Corners or Foundation Pillars of Tai Chi.

The next 6 weeks, the students will discover the Liu He 6 Harmonies of the body.

The final 6 weeks , students will train the Jin Dian Points of concentration in the body. Students will discover and learn a huge amount of skills that will be essential for those ones that are looking for authentic techniques and methods of learning Tai Chi.

These classes will start with a minimum of 10 students. Please email us for you pre enrollment and to book your place.


Email us at [email protected]

or call us on 0790 ­ 541 7517 .


Thai Ch web


Dao Yin Yoga
7pm - 8pm - £2
Pure Gym, Portmsouth

Yoga and guided Meditation.
(click here to find out more)

Non Pure Gym members welcome, please call in advance.


Tai Chi
10am-11am - £5
The Hub community centre

Wudang Tai Chi for Health


Nei Jia Training 
7pm-9pm - £10
St Judes primary school
Old Portsmouth.

Internal Practices of Kung Fu and Xing Yi Quan.

- Five Ancestral Elements.
- Sand Bags and Pad Work Boxing.
-Fitness and Conditioning.
-Internal Martial Practices.

These lessons are for people looking for a deep understanding in the field of Internal Martial arts


10am - 11am - £5
Havelock Community Centre

Mindfulness / Meditation, understanding your inner warrior and searching for inner peace.


Tai Chi
10am - 11am - £5
Bransbury park, Eastney community center

Tai Chi and Qi gong for Health and Well-being.


We train using a number of different styles including Xuan Wu Quan, Wudang Taiji, Meditation/Mindfulness, Xing Yi, Yang style Tai Chi and Weapons and Wu Xing Nei Gong using a wide variety of training methods unique to our system to release tension, allowing you to move in a relaxed manner with tremendous agility, speed, poise and balance.

You will learn to relax deeply and still the mind, move more quickly and easily, and develop great flexibility, posture and strength through gentle yet rigorous exercises.

Those just joining us study alongside all our more experienced students, with everyone training together in every class, learning, revising and refining their skills together.
We find this benefits everyone because while beginners can learn from their more advanced peers, there is never a beginner who does not bring something interesting others can learn from.

Many of our classes specialize in developing resilient good health, while in others we round out our study by practicing the potent martial applications of the martial arts we study, so if you want to start your journey learning only the Chinese internal health arts or applied martial arts, it is easy to find a class to suit you.